Test ideas and potential changes

Farm4Prophet allows you to test ideas about how your farm will perform if you make changes to your business structure. It allows you to ask the big picture questions and identify how changes to how you operate your farm would affect your risk levels, cashflow and the environment.

Australian Dept of Agriculture Funded

The development of Farm4Prophet has been fully-funded by the Australian Department of Agriculture. The goal of the project is to create an online tool to allow Australian farmers and farming consultants to ask the "big picture strategic questions" about farming.

Free for now

Farm4Prophet is a free service available to all Australian farmers until Jan 2021. We respect your privacy and keep your data both private and secure.

How does it work?


Enter your farm details

To run scenarios, we need some information about your farm and how it's currently operated: your farm size, soil types, cropping rotations and livestock practices, and your farm financials.


Choose your question

Select from our list of big picture questions to see how changing your farm practices might affect your risk and your bottom line.


View your results

Farm4Prophet uses the cutting-edge scientific model AusFarm, developed by CSIRO, to model the performance of your crops and livestock. Using financial modelling we'll assess how your cashflow is affected by how your farm is operated.
We'll keep your data both private and secure, and we'll save it to your username and password so that you only enter this information the first time you use the site.
You might need to enter some extra information so that we can run the scenario - for example, if your question is about buying land, we'll need to know how much land you're thinking of buying, how much it costs and what you're going to do with it.
We're doing a lot of modelling and calcuations, so it will take about 10 minutes to generate your report. We'll email your report so that you don't have to wait around. All of your past reports are available to you through this website too!


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